COFS’ outreach programs work to identify survivors of organ trafficking, assess their consequences and arrange long-term support services via a coalition of civil-society partners.

  • clinical follow-up services
  • health education on living with a single kidney
  • counseling and peer support
  • income generation/employment assistance referral to legal services
COFS’ advocacy work includes:

  • acting as a direct victim advocate to address victims’ consequences of organ trafficking
  • carrying out prevention initiatives that include enhancing protection measures at a policy-level, within transplant centers’ and with target groups of potential victims.



COFS works to create target-group and public awareness about organ trafficking. We do this by:

  • reaching out to target-groups with information about the organ trade – its operations and consequences
  • publishing our findings
  • engaging the media to cover organ trafficking stories and
  • producing multi-media materials such as the documentary film Organs SOS

COFS collects data about the organ trafficking experience with the objective of ending the organ trade and advancing protection for its targets. Research enables us to assess the effects of organ trafficking and recognize patterns for targeted targeting vulnerable individuals and groups (i.e. refugees, children). Such information informs our advocacy and enables us to publish our findings in the academic literature for broader advocacy considerations.