Brooklyn man sentenced to 2 1/2 years for role in black-market kidney trafficking scheme   Wednesday, July 11, 2012


NYC man gets 2 1/2 years for illegal kidney sales

AP foreign, Wednesday July 11 2012


5 Face Trial After Chinese Teenager Sells Kidney

7 April 2012

Chinese doctor allegedly bought kidney

6 April 2012

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6 April 2012

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18 March 2012

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16 March 2012

Organ-trafficking investigation sought

29 February 2012

Refugees face organ theft in the Sinai

3 November 2011

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1 November 2011

Kidney Broker Said to Use Johns Hopkins in Organ-Traffic Case

28 October 2011

N.Y. Man Pleads Guilty to Organ Trafficking

28 October 2011

Strong fight to end labor and organ trafficking

21 October 2011

EU prosecutor to investigate alleged organ trafficking in Albania

5 October 2011

Trial Opens for 7 Kosovars in Organ-Trafficking Case

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Organ trafficking increasing (Korea)

 16 September 2011

Kenya: Sex-trafficked women and girls also vulnerable to organ trafficking

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8 September 2011

Bangladesh ‘kidney trafficking ring’ uncovered

30 August 2011

U.S. prosecutor to head Kosovo organ trafficking investigation

30 August 2011

Organ sale brokers to stand trial for human traffickingrs to stand trial for human trafficking

10 August 2011

7 Moldovans charged with organ Trafficking

28 Jul 2011

Police investigate first case of organ trafficking

28 Jul 2011

“Big powers against UN-mandate organ trafficking probe”

11 Jul 2011

Pakistan’s SC told country has become ‘international hub of organ trafficking

8 Jul 2011

No agreement on independent organ trafficking probe

30 June 2011

UNSC should expand EULEX mandate

23 June 2011

Global organ traffic: Israeli and Turk charged

13 June 2011

EU endorses task force to probe organ trafficking allegations in Kosovo

9 June 2011

EULEX working with Marty to find vest solution

31 May 2011

Organ trafficking: �her heart was missing�

17 May 2011

For the Chinese kidney donation is a click away

12 May 2011

UN Chief backs organ Kosovo trade probe

10 May 2011

Nanjing has 1st organ-trade case

7 May 2011

Police to intensify monitoring vs human organ trafficking

27 April 2011

EU mission �incapable of conducting organ probe�

28 March 2011

UAE efforts result indetection of more cases

9 March 2011

Four face organ trafficking charges in Kosovo

5 March 2011

Del Ponte wants Kosovo Organ Case

1 March 2011

Amended Chinese law says organ traffickers will get death penalty

24 February 2011

UN was aware of Organ Trafficking

18 February 2011

Human Trafficking Trial Underway

10 February 2011

Risk to Witnesses Stalls Kosovo’s Organ-Trafficking Probe

9 February 2011

Interpol issue ‘red alert’ for Turkish organ doctor

6 February 2011

UN Mission ready to support Kosovo organ probe

1 February 2011

EULEX starts preliminary investigation

28 January 2011

Marty: EULEX powerless to, ad hoc structure needed

27 January 2011

Council of Europe calls for new Kosovo organ inquiry

25 January 2011

Report reignites Kosovo organ trafficking claim

25 January 2011

Kosovan organ trafficking allegations debate

25 January 2011

Q&A: Dick Marty, Council of Europe special rapporteur

24 January 2011

Kosovo PM �aware of organ trade�

19 January 2011

Kosovo organ trafficking case surgeon bailed in Turkey

12 January 2011

Turkish detains doctor over Kosovo organ trafficking: report

12 January 2011

Organ trafficking a serious issue in Nepal

2 January 2011