sinai images

sinai images

Brutalities of African Migrants in the Sinai Demand Investigation Followed by the date: November 18, 2012

For the past year, accounts have been trickling out of the Sinai about grave human rights abuses of migrants fleeing war and economic hardship in Eritrea and Sudan. Allegations of slavery,torture, rape and the removal of organs have emerged and estimates of the number of victims range in the thousands. Graphic photographs of corpses with sewn up abdominal cavities and emptied eye sockets pulled from desert pits and mortuary freezers are circulating on the internet and on Egyptian television. Testimonies gathered by activists from various points along known trafficking/smuggling routes are beginning to provide corroboration of such crimes.

COFS is mobilizing in the call for international credible investigations that must be launched to determine the truth about the alleged abuses.

Reports on Sinai Abuses and Potential Organ Trafficking


Slaves freed after

CNN documentary

17th Nov 2011



Al Youm: Human

organ trafficking war waged between Sinai Bedouins

14th Nov 2011


The Mail Online: Organ

snatchers of the Sinai desert: The doctors harvesting body parts stolen from

live donors to sell to rich patients in Cairo

14th Nov 2011 Eritrens

in Seattle Hold Candlelight Vigils, Demonstrations

14th Nov 2011



25 minute documentary: Death in the Desert

5th Nov 2011




Refugees smuggled to Israel face organ theft in Sinai

4th Nov 2011


Youm 7: African rights

groups, news outlets, condemn organ trafficking

4th Nov 2011



Refugees face organ theft in Sinai

3rd Nov 2011



Daily News Egypt:Eritrean

dissident in Cairo slams human trafficking through Sinai

3rd Nov 2011



Minute African

Refugees Fall Victim to Organ Theft


Nov 2011



Fact-finding commission on organ trafficking to


1st Nov 2011 (translated in

English 2nd Nov)



7 news: Organ Trafficking (Arabic video)

31st Oct 2011


Youm7 reveals the

secrets of organ trafficking in Sinai

31st Oct 2011 (translated in

English 1st Nov) report on the crimes committed in Sinai

(Arabic video with some English subtitles):

 28th Oct 2011

Part 1:

Part 2: